Why You Should Choose Handmade Bracelets Over Machine-Crafted

Are you looking to spruce up your jewelry collection with a new piece? Perhaps you are looking to add to your bracelet collection? If you want a new piece of jewelry that will have a higher than usual amount of detail crafted into it, you may want to opt for handmade bracelets. Here's why sticking with handmade jewelry might be the way to go. Every Piece is Unique When jewelry like bracelets is crafted by machine, every single piece ends up looking exactly the same.

What Influences The Price You Get For Your Diamond Jewelry

While selling gold for cash has been a common way to get fast money over the past decade, selling diamonds hasn't gotten nearly as much attention. However, if you have diamonds or diamond jewelry, you can sell those along with gold and silver if you need cash. Selling diamonds for cash is a little different from selling gold and silver as there's no scrap value to use as a basic price if the item is not of the best quality.

The Top Ring Resizing Jewelry Repair Questions Answered

Do you need to resize your engagement or wedding ring? If you're not sure where to start, take a look at what you need to know about this jewelry repair service. Why Should You Resize a Ring? It's all in the name. As the word "resize" implies—you need to redo or change the size. The specific reasons for resizing a ring vary by person, but may include the following: He or she bought the wrong size.