Tips For Selling Jewelry To A Gold Buyer

Selling gold to an online buyer or to a local jeweler may help you raise the funds that you need for an emergency expense. Before you part with any of your jewelry, assess each piece and seek an appraisal from a licensed dealer.

The Assessment Of Your Collection

Examine each piece of gold jewelry in your collection. Determine if any of the pieces hold sentimental value to you. If there are any pieces that you tend to wear on occasion, hold off on selling them for the time being.

Pick out pieces that are slightly blemished or that you haven't worn in a great while. A pair of earrings that are missing a gemstone or a necklace that is slightly kinked may still be valuable, even if the pieces aren't in excellent shape. A gold buyer will determine the value of a piece based on the gold content that an item possesses. 

A Licensed Appraisal

Seek an appraisal of each jewelry piece that you are willing to part with. An appraisal will provide a valuation that is dependent upon the craftsmanship of a piece of jewelry. It will also provide you with a valuation of the gold content that a piece possesses.

Antique jewelry or pieces that are part of a designer jewelry set could potentially be more valuable than you initially thought. An appraiser will provide you with a stamped form. This form will provide details about each piece of jewelry that the jeweler assessed. 

The Documentation

You can sell your gold jewelry online to a licensed gold buyer or a private party who is interested in purchasing gold jewelry. You can also sell your jewelry to a local business owner who invests in gold pieces. Before you exchange your jewelry for cash, research various buyers.

Online businesses may provide a pricing guide that will give you an idea of how much money your jewelry will sell for. A local business owner may also provide clear pricing guidelines that will help you pinpoint how much money your jewelry will sell for. Anyone who is interested in purchasing your jewelry will want to assess it first personally.

If you send your jewelry to an online buyer, insure the pieces you will be shipping out. Make sure that any sale that you conduct is well-documented. Request a receipt that lists the amount of money that you are being given for the pieces that you are selling.