Custom Handcrafted Fine Jewelry Gift Ideas For Her

If you're looking for a thoughtful and unique gift for any special female in your life, consider treating her to a custom handcrafted jewelry piece. Not only will the recipient enjoy the fine jewelry item now, but she can also pass it down for generations to come. 

While you could find an appropriate piece of jewelry at a big box retailer, purchasing a customized handmade piece will give the gift a personalized touch. Look for custom-made jewelry at local boutique shops, or order them online directly from the artist.

You can either choose a premade handcrafted piece that reflects the recipient's style and personality or have one specially made just for her. If you go that route, place your order far in advance to make sure it's created in time. Handmade jewelry pieces make ideal gifts for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, graduations, and weddings, as well as many other special occasions. 

Following are some custom handcrafted fine jewelry gift ideas to get you started:

1. Name Necklaces 

Simple and understated, name necklaces look both classy and creative. Start by choosing either a white, rose, yellow or platinum gold, or sterling silver chain, depending on your gift-giving budget and the recipient's personal preference. 

Next, have the female's name custom-designed in the script, such as cursive or bold lettering, of your choice, and then placed in the middle of the chain. As another option, use the recipient's first initial or monogram instead of her full name. Going with a special nickname between the two of you is another fun idea. 

You can round out the gift with a matching bracelet or ring if you desire. Present the present in a pretty gift box or a satin bag she can use to store the jewelry. 

2. Birthstone Jewelry 

Another easy way to customize a piece of jewelry for someone is by incorporating their birthstone into the design. For example, if her birthday is in April, treat her to a handmade ring featuring a diamond center stone, or go with an opal for an October baby. A handcrafted pair of sapphire stud earrings are perfect for December celebrants, while emeralds are appropriate for those with May birthdays. 

Additional birthstone jewelry ideas include handcrafted pendants in shapes that have a special meaning, such as a heart or a dog, or a pin in a floral design. You can also have a pendant featuring family birthstones, such as those of the recipient's kids, made.  

For more information about custom handmade fine jewelry, contact a local company.