3 Designs to Consider for a Promise Ring

When one person has deep feelings for another person but it isn't yet the right time for a marriage proposal, a good option to think about is buying a promise ring. This piece of jewelry can mean different things to different people, but it generally represents a serious commitment to the relationship. In many cases, people give promise rings before eventually buying engagement rings. A visit to a local jewelry store will help you to realize that all sorts of rings fit within the promise ring category. Read on to learn about a few ring designs that may appeal to you.

1. Heart-Shaped Stone

Lots of promise rings feature heart-shaped stones, and this design can be appealing because it represents love — which is something that you likely feel for the person for whom you're shopping for a ring. You'll find promise rings with heart-shaped stones in several different colors. You might opt for a traditional heart color such as red or pink, or you could pick your significant other's favorite hue. Some heart-shaped rings have higher-end gemstones shaped into hearts, while other rings use more affordable materials.

2. Small Diamonds

If you have a larger budget, you might wish to shop for a promise ring that is adorned with many small diamonds. Unlike a traditional engagement ring, these rings don't have one diamond that stands out. You might find rings that have several diamonds embedded along the band, or rings that have diamonds placed in various shapes. Many rings with small diamonds have a high degree of visual appeal. It's reasonable to expect that even after you propose in the future with an engagement ring, your significant other may continue to wear their diamond promise ring.

3. Engraved Message

Not all promise rings have gemstones that are the focal point. If you're looking for a piece of jewelry that has an understated quality to it, you'll likely encounter several rings that feature engraved messages. The wording can vary from ring to ring. You might find designs that include words such as "Forever," "Promise," or "Love." Many jewelry stores offer custom engraving services, which means that if you wish to add a word such as your significant other's name or the date that you're presenting the promise ring, you have this option. Visit your local jewelry store to browse its selection of promise rings and find the right one to buy.