3 Ways To Get Rid Of Old Gold Jewelry

If you have a bunch of old gold jewelry that you don't want to have anymore, you might wonder what you can do with it. There are several options open to you. 

Garage Sale

One thing that you can do, if you have a lot of other things to sell, is to have a garage sale. You aren't going to get a full market price for the pieces this way because people at garage sales are looking for bargains, but if the stuff you have is reasonably low value anyway, this can be a good idea. 

Donate It

Another thing that you can do is to donate it to a charity or thrift shop. Many charities help people trying to get a leg up or trying to get a new job who need to have nice clothes for interviews, and having some accessories that look good can help with that. If you decide to donate your old gold jewelry to a charity, make sure that you get a receipt because you can likely declare them as a tax write-off, which will save you some money at tax time. 

Sell It

You also have the option of selling it and getting as much money out of the jewelry as possible. There are several ways that you sell your jewelry to make an amount of money that is closer to what the jewelry is actually worth. When you sell it, you may not be able to get the full value out of it, depending on how you are selling it, but you definitely make more money than if you were to sell it at a garage sale. One way that you can sell the jewelry is to go to a local jeweler in your area. They may buy the piece so that they can sell it later on if it is something unique or vintage, but they may also decide to buy the jewelry for the price of the gold so that they can melt it down and reuse it or so that they can sell it on to a supplier. Either way, make sure you are familiar with the current price of gold per ounce before selling it this way. 

If you want to sell your gold, there are ways that you can do that. You may use just one way or a combination of ways, depending on what kind of jewelry you are trying to sell.