Are You Keeping Your Cremated Loved One's Memory Alive

Did somebody very dear to you recently pass away? Perhaps your spouse or one of your siblings died after battling cancer or another terminal illness. Was that person cremated? No matter your relationship to the deceased person, you are more than likely wanting to keep his or her memory alive. After all, by doing so, your loved one can continue to be part of your life and part of other people's lives. From buying bullet necklaces for ashes to making memory books, here are some ideas that might help you.

Buy Bullet Necklaces For Ashes - Are you focusing on just yourself as you remember the person who recently passed away? If your spouse died, perhaps you are including your children in the way you'll keep his or her memories alive. If it was a sibling, maybe you are including your other siblings.  With that in mind, consider buying bullet necklaces that can hold the ashes of your loved one that passed away.

Bullet necklaces are so affordable that you can purchase one for all of the loved ones who are mourning. In addition, there are so many styles that you might choose different ones for different people. For example, choose brass bullet necklaces that have a deer as part of the design for the men who are mourning. Silver bullets with a floral design would be perfect for the women who are mourning. If you want to stick with just one design, consider a gold and silver combination or a basic black design. 

Create A Memory Book - Think of asking all of those who are mourning to write down memories of happy times spent with the deceased person. The memories might include tender stories or funny ones. Another idea is to ask those who have been left behind to share snapshots that depict your loved one in the picture. From baby pictures to more current ones, they will tell a story, won't they?

Once you have collected all of the stories and snapshots, make copies and turn them into a book. It certainly doesn't need to be anything fancy. In fact, if you select a loose-leaf notebook, it would be easy for you to punch holes in the pages and then slip them right into the rings of the notebook. That would allow the recipients to add extra pages themselves. Choose a great picture of the deceased person to use as the cover of the memory book.