How to Give Your Boyfriend Hints About Engagement Jewelry You'd Like

Getting engaged to the love of your life should be enough but nothing really crowns the moment like having the perfect ring to mark the moment. Of course, telling your boyfriend exactly which ring you want would also ruin the moment. How can you get them to buy the engagement jewelry you want without actually telling them?

"Forget" to Close Your Laptop

Just as much you want to get the perfect ring, your boyfriend probably also wants to get you the perfect ring. Therefore, they'll be looking for a way of figuring out what you want without being too obvious about it. Try leaving your laptop open with a photo of the ring somewhere there. Don't make it too obvious by having the photo take up the whole screen.

Make a Comment About a Celebrity Ring

It's quite natural for people to talk about celebrities and the types of rings they got when getting engaged. So, you can always leave a subtle hint by mentioning how much you loved the ring a certain celebrity received or gave someone. If engagement is on his mind, you can be sure that he'll be snooping through the internet trying to find the ring.

Make a Comment When Passing by a Shop Window

If it just so happens that you're passing next to a jeweler when you're out and about, this gives you a chance to subtly point out something you like. You can always talk about how you like a certain design or how you think a certain stone really captures the beauty of the ring.

Go Through a Friend

If engagement is on your boyfriend's mind, you can be sure that he'll be asking your friends about the kind of ring that you might like. Ensure that your best friends know the type of ring you'd want just in case any of them is the one your boyfriend turns to for advice.

Alternatively, you could also move things along by letting one of his friends know the type of ring that you'd like. Subtle hints such as an offhand comment when passing by a jeweler's shop might do the trick.

Of course, this all means that you need to have done your homework and know what kind of ring you want. A jeweler would be happy to walk you through the styles available, the price range, and all of the factors that go into choosing the perfect ring. It's much better to try on in person than read about the options online.