How To Make A Statement With Your Earrings

Putting on the right earrings can bring the look of an outfit together. If you're thinking about ways you can make a statement, check out these 5 recent trends that break the mold of just wearing a simple stud.

Big Earrings

Long the look that has made the biggest of statements, large hoop earrings are always an easy way to draw attention. If you wish to go a step further, the hoop earring can give way to large squares, ovals and even swirls. Beyond that, long, dangling pieces with sections chained together are genuine conversation-starters, too.

Cartilage Earrings

Why limit yourself to earrings that hang from the lower, softer lobes of each ear? Cartilage earrings are attached in the upper lobes, and they can be shaped to the contours of an ear to accentuate an already-appealing shape. Another one of the advantages of cartilage earrings is that they allow you to wear several pieces of jewelry at once. If you're not quite up for having a piercing that goes through the cartilage of your ear, you can look into some of the clip-on varieties of earrings that are on the market.

Exploring Different Gemstones

While it's hard to beat the classic looks of diamonds, there's also something to be said for breaking up monotony and predictability. Branching out into different types of gemstones, such as opal, amethyst and turquoise, will provide a perfect change of pace and a chance to introduce some color into your collection of earrings. There are unusual options that can make statements too, including quartz and pyrite.

3-D Printed Earrings

The rise of 3-D printing technologies has opened up a world of possibilities in the jewelry business. You can take advantage of this trend to create ornate designs or highly personalized work. From geometric patterns to people's favorite video game characters, the possibilities for 3-D printed earrings are endless. You can even take your artwork or that of a loved one and create a loving tribute.

Chandelier and Tassel Earrings

Usually worn to show off a number of set pieces of gemstones, chandelier earrings are genuine statement-makers. Whether you want to wear an intricate pattern or a simple cascade of precious metals, folks will instantly notice and comment when they see you with them on. If you'd prefer to tone things down a bit, tassel earrings also look cute and stylish without being as overtly ostentatious.