Fun Native American Jewlery Designs To Learn About

Native American jewelry is rich in custom and tradition. If you are someone who really loves Native American designs, then you should look into some of the fascinating designs that you can get. There are the ever popular turquoise designs, which come in an array of geometric designs as well as in large polished chunks; however, you might also want to look into some that are more figurative and represent a symbolic figure in Native American culture. These designs can also become a great conversation piece at parties. Here are a few different choices to look at.

Kokopelli Figure Pendant

The kokopelli figure is one of the most popular figures in all Native American culture. He is the fertility god, as well as the god of music and is also one of the trickster gods. He's represented as carrying or playing a flute. This figure is particularly popular in the areas of the country where Native Americans were harvesters as opposed to hunter based (such as the Midwest and southwest). The trickster aspect is one that is especially important to Native American culture, with the raven and coyote being the other two popular trickster gods. The trickster is a vital aspect of the Native American mythology.

Turtle Design

The turtle is one of the most fundamental symbols in all of Native American culture. It represents everything from stability, patience, and longevity to the very creation story. There are many tribes who believe that the turtle is fundamental to the creation of the earth. In particular, the Iroquois, have a creation story which centers upon the "Sky People" populating the earth on the back of a giant turtle. You can get a beautiful turtle totem style pendant with turquoise decorations and made of silver.

False Face Pendant: Old Broken Nose

Finally, a fantastic pendant that is a great example of lessons in humility, is the false face pendant featuring "old broken nose". The pendant features a face with a broken nose. The story goes that two strangers one day meet. One of them happens to be the creator of the earth, the other a normal man. The normal man and the creator decide to have a contest as to who can move a mountain, which will determine who actually created the world. They both turn their backs to the mountain and the regular man goes first and only moves it slightly. They then turn around again, and this time the creator goes to move the mountain. The regular man turns around and the mountain has been moved so close it breaks his nose when he turns back. It is a parable in humility and also resulted in a really cool pendant.

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